Semiconductor Chemicals

Photo-Acid Generators, Photo Initiators, Monomers, and Crosslinkers

Ultra-pure specialty chemicals for semiconductor, display, electronic and aerospace industry need to have a purity of >99%. As a specialty chemicals leader, Heraeus Epurio possesses the expertise to produce materials with low trace metals, while also having extensive experience in synthezing a wide variety of organic compounds. Heraeus Epurio is able to produce all metals with an impurity level below 10 ppb. Heraeus Epurio can deal with all important chemical reactions and is able to support its customers in developing innovative and creative new products.

Heraeus Epurio provides furthermore quality turnkey service. As a reliable partner for our customers we are able to scale-up of developed or customer specified materials from grams to tons under clean-room conditions (class 100), where required.

Heraeus Epurio with its diverse experience in chemistry, processes and the appropriate equipment is a research partner to develop innovative materials and also able to offer contract based manufacturing of existing ultra-clean and ultra-pure grade materials according to customer requirements.

Our Semiconductor Chemicals Products and Services

PAG: Photo Acid Generators

PAGs with unique characteristics for critical layer resists.

Thermal Acid Generators

Thermal acid generators for enabling final curing during post-baking.


Highly sensitive, thermostable and color-neutral photo-initiators.


Crosslinkers for assembling polymer chains for photoresist solutions.

Acrylate Monomers

Custom-made monomers for customer-specific polymers.

Turnkey Service

Heraeus Epurio is your reliable partner in development from molecule to multi-tonne scale.

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