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Find the best electronic chemical that suits your needs with our Product Selector.

Selecting the right electronic chemical is essential for ensuring optimal performance. By understanding your requirements, considering the application, prioritizing quality and reliability, you can confidently select the most suitable electronic chemical for your needs. With our Product Selector we help you to make an informed decision. Our experts are also available to povide valuable insights and guidance.

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9-AMM Multi-layer photo-lithographic applicationMonomersYellow powder m.p. 86–88°C
DTBPIO-C1Deep UVPAGStrong acid(C1) generation m.p. 104–105°C
DTBPIO-CSDeep UVPAGWeak acid (camphorsulfonic acid) generation m.p. 215–217°C
DTBPIO-NfDeep UVPAGLow diffusion strong acid(nonaflic acid) generation m.p. 175–177°C
DTBPIO-TFMBSDeep UVPAGWeak acid (o-trifluoromethylbenzenesulfonic acid) generation m.p. 162–164°C
ECHAMulti-layer photo-lithographic applicationMonomersColourless liquid
HAdMAMulti-layer photo-lithographic applicationMonomersWhite powder m.p. 89–91°C
HTPG-104Si-linePAGWhite powder Strong acid (HCI) generation m.p. 143–145°C
HTPI-405i-linePhoto-initiatorsWeak acid generation m.p. 86-88°C
HTPI-4057i-linePhoto-initiatorsWeak acid generation m.p. 56-58°C
HTPI-429i-linePhoto-initiatorsWeak acid generation m.p. 71-74°C
ILP-110i-linePAGLight-yellow powder Strong acid(triflic acid) generation m.p. 113–114°C
ILP-110Ni-linePAGLow diffusion strong acid (nonaflic acid) generation m.p. 122–124°C
ILP-113I, h-line broadbandPAGYellow powder Strong acid (triflic acid) generation m.p. 125–126°C
ILP-118i-linePAGLight-yellow powder Strong acid(triflic acid) generation m.p. 66–68°C
MAdMAMulti-layer photo-lithographic applicationMonomersColourless liquid
MDTDeep UVPAGWhite powder Strong acid (triflic acid) generation m.p. 88–89°C
MNLMAMulti-layer photo-lithographic applicationMonomersWhite powder m.p. 74~77°C
NINi-linePAGWhite crystalline powder. Low diffusion Strong acid(nonaflic acid) generation m.p. 148.5–149.5°C
NITi-linePAGWhite powder Strong acid(triflic acid) generation m.p. 210–214°C