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Turnkey Service

Heraeus Epurio provides quality turnkey service and is known in the industry as the reliable partner in development from molecule to multi-tonne scale, to after-sales and technical support.

From its renowned facility in Dayton, Ohio, Heraeus Epurio has been producing electronic-grade photoactive materials with selected chromophores combined with vintage acids to create a unique product offering for critical layer resists in highest resolution.

Heraeus Epurio offers:

  • The latest technology and equipment as well as over 30 years of experience in developing ultra-pure specialty chemicals.
  • Most of these products are available in UP quality boasting an above 99.5% purity and a metal content of all 26 metals below 10ppb each.
  • Even conventional chemistry is now ready for the new frontiers in resist resolution.
  • Production of small and large volumes to help customers find the best solution for their business and to scale up, whilst safeguarding intellectual property.

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