Crosslinkers are an integral product for the semiconductor industry. In conjunction with polymers, crosslinkers bind polymer chains together to produce the photoresist solution essential to memory and logic chip manufacturing.

Heraeus Epurio has a long tradition of manufacturing crosslinkers based on glycoluril in highest purity for semiconductor resists. We have developed processes which enable us to control formaldehyde and methylene chloride contamination at any scale of production.

The low metal contamination and the methylene chloride- and formaldehyde-free products from Heraeus define the new standard in semiconductor industry. Various chemical modifications have brought the sublimation tendency to a very low level. We reduce metal impurities to less than 10 ppb each, which is crucial in the production of increasingly smaller memory and logic chips.

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4 Results

Product Type
PL Phenyl MethylMulti-layer photo-lithographic applicationCrosslinkersWhite powder m.p. 136–138°C Available methylene chloride-free (MCF) and UP
PL-1174Multi-layer photo-lithographic applicationCrosslinkersWhite crystalline powder m.p. 107–113°C Available methylene chloride-free (MCF) and UP
PLPMMulti-layer photo-lithographic applicationCrosslinkersWhite powder m.p. 87–89°C Available methylene chloride-free (MCF) and UP
TBGUMulti-layer photo-lithographic applicationCrosslinkersColorless liquid Available methylene chloride-free (MCF) and UP