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Created with CleviosTM: Prismade launches security labels with transparent printed electronics to secure documents via smartphones

Prismade (Printed Smart Devices) has brought its PrismaID technology to a new level. The new solution aims to protect valuable and sensitive documents like cards, contracts or certificates with an easy-to-use security label and connect them to digital services. This innovative technology is a scalable B2B solution offered to businesses with a high need of authentication and discretion during document related processes.

The essential part of the PrismaID label is a patented, printed transparent digital code. After this label has been applied to a document, it is used as a secure proof-of-presence and a key to authenticate or access digital services tied to the document. To activate the key, the document with the attached label is simply placed on a smartphone. On a verification website, the printed code will then be verified just by a swipe using the touchscreen sensor of the smartphone. This creates a straightforward and highly accessible security and verification tool, that anyone with a smartphone can use, even without prior knowledge about the document. “Unlike optical solutions, that use for example a QR code and thus can be easily copied, Prismade’s printed electronics ensures a much higher level of security and fraud protection”, adds Dr. Karin Weigelt, Co-founder and managing director at Prismade Labs. First customers already use the new ink-based technology, e.g. for the fleet management in large companies.

The PrismaID label uses ink based on the CleviosTM, the pioneering conductive polymer especially formulated for screen printing by Heraeus Epurio. Metal-free, thin, and highly transparent printed layers exhibit excellent flexibility and conductivity. “Prismade’s security label technology is a creative demonstration of next-generation document security and authentication. Heraeus is looking forward to developing further innovations with Prismade using CleviosTM”, said Dr. Armin Sautter, Global Head of Technical Service for Display, Heraeus Epurio.

This new type of interactive document protection is a technological synergy between transparent printed electronics, haptic feedback and forgery-proof adhesive security labels. As one of Germany’s key developers of printed electronics, Witte Group has contributed major research results in printing this product novelty. Manufactured by S2S (sheet-to-sheet) printing on a flexible polymer substrate with strong adhesives and advanced security die cuts, the security label cannot be removed or transferred intactly to another underlaying document. The production of the PrismaID label can be scaled up to significant industrial volumes thanks to the fully automatic print production line and the highly efficient Prismade technology core.

“The Prismade security label technology is closing the gap between the underlaying document and everyone’s smartphone on a high security level. Witte Group is looking forward to upcoming product developments in cooperation with Prismade sharing experience, know-how and production capacities.” says Dr. Philip Renners, Vice President Research & Development, Witte Group.

The first product with this new technology has just been launched by edding

“easycheck” - the digital business solution for fleet management. edding’s easycheck application digitises and automates statutory driving licence check processes using the Prismade security label and the corresponding software interface, thereby creating legal certainty. The product is ideal for fleets, where driving licences were previously verified manually by visual inspection. Seven companies with over 300 drivers are currently already using edding’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.

The partners now aim for the next markets with notary certified contracts, birth certificates, land ownership documents and vaccination certificates, which would strongly benefit of digitization and increased security.

Prismade is actively exploring the markets for further applications for this unique approach and welcomes any inquiries and open discussions to license the new technology platform.