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Epurio brings innovation to LOPEC 2024


The LOPEC  (Large-area, Organic & Printed Electronics Convention) conference and exhibition in Munich is known to showcase the latest innovations in printed electronics, particularly in the realm of smart mobility and smart living. This event serves as a hub for industry professionals, researchers, and companies to come together and delve into the world of printed electronics, wearables, and smart textiles. Epurio’s New Technologies and Display team took part in this important exhibition from 6 to 7 March in Messe München.

Embracing the future of printed electronics

Our demonstrators, provided by our partner AI SILK, ranged from an automotive steering wheel that could monitor the driver’s biometric data as they played a racing game; and a bicycle handlebar that sensed the heart rate as well as served as a controller for navigation; to a comfortable fitness band fitted with electrodes that tracked vital signs even without direct skin contact.

“We are very satisfied with the number of visitors and the quality of discussions at our booth. Our focus on smart conductive textile sensors with Clevios for fitness and automotive applications received very high attention thanks to the interactive demonstrators from AI SILK,” said Global Head of New Technologies and Display Dr Armin Sautter.

Wearables and smart textiles, which can greatly impact the healthcare, fitness, sports, gaming, and now, automotive industries. Through the integration of printed electronics, wearables have evolved beyond conventional accessories to become sophisticated tools that monitor health metrics, provide real-time feedback, and enhance overall user experience.