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Trade Show

Exploring Cutting-Edge Display Technology at C-Touch, Shenzhen, China

C-Touch provides a unique platform for manufacturers, researchers, and consumers to experience the future of display technology. Heraeus Epurio joined this important exhibition with the theme of ‘Smart Solutions for Touch Display’.

Dr Armin Sautter, Global Head of Product Portfolio Management for New Technologies and Display, introduced the highlights:

  • Conductive textiles based on PEDOT conductive polymer coated recycled polyester fibers are now available in the market. We demonstrated a brand-new concept of a capacitive touch panel entirely made from conductive textiles, metal-free, soft and sustainable, that can be seamlessly integrated into virtually any automotive interior textile surface, e.g., an armrest, making surfaces smart for human machine interfaces. The demo kit of a middle automotive armrest is not only a touch panel but also includes biometric sensors to measure heart rate, ECG (electrocardiogram) etc.
  • For the first time we highlighted applications of our new solvent-based, waterless CleviosTM PEDOT dispersions. They can be combined with hard coating chemistries to prepare highly durable UV-curable optical hard coatings with excellent antistatic and ESD protection function, needed for automotive and smartphone protective films to prevent dust attraction and ESD damage.
  • We also launched our newest silver nanowire-PEDOT hybrid ink, RD CleviosTM HY Jet 3, that enables inkjet printing of silver nanowires for low resistance transparent touch sensor electrode direct printing. This will greatly simplify touch sensor manufacturing, abandoning photolithography processes and help to make the industry more sustainable."

“It was a very important event for us, especially after the long break due to Covid. Meeting existing and new customers at our booth in person is key to maintain strong customer relationships and build new ones. We had a lot of good discussions, demonstrating our new products and technologies and learned new requirements and application ideas from the visitors at our booth.” - Dr Armin Sautter, Global Head of Product Portfolio Management for New Technologies and Display.