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Display Technology

Enhanced conductivity, high flexibility, superior optical quality


Advancements in display have transformed the way we interact with electronic devices. Innovative CleviosTM has powered many display revolutions and will be essential to many next-generation applications due to its excellent properties.

  • Enhanced conductivity: CleviosTM boasts excellent electrical conductivity properties that enable a new class of flexible, transparent, and versatile displays. Unlike traditional conductive materials such as metals, CleviosTM demonstrates high flexibility without sacrificing electrical performance. This flexibility allows the production of curved, bendable, and rollable displays – creating endless possibilities in various industries.
  • Transparent conductive film: By coating CleviosTM onto various substrates, the material creates a conductive film with high transparency, making it ideal for touchscreens, flat panel displays, and other optoelectronic applications. These qualities contribute to vibrant, visually appealing displays while providing exceptional touch sensitivity for a seamless user experience.
  • Safer, more environmentally friendly technology: In contrast to vacuum sputtering indium tin oxide (ITO), wet coating technology with CleviosTM is not only a more economical and energy-efficient process for transparent conductive coatings used in manufacturing solar panels, displays, and touchscreens – it’s also better for the environment. Indium, one of the key components of ITO, is primarily obtained as a by-product of zinc and tin mining. Extracting and refining these metals can have an environmental impact, including habitat disruption and greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, producing ITO films requires energy-intensive equipment. CleviosTM conductive polymers used in wet coating are mostly water-soluble and do not require metal mining.
  • Flexibility and durability: The inherent flexibility of CleviosTM allows manufacturers to design displays that conform to unconventional shapes and surfaces. Flexible displays are gaining popularity due to their lightweight, robust construction, making them resistant to damage caused by bending and flexing. Such displays are well-suited for wearable devices, curved monitors, and even foldable smartphones, enhancing user experiences and pushing the boundaries of design possibilities.