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Superior ESD protection

Antistatic UV-Curable Hard Coating Technology

Unlock the next level of safety and clarity with our Antistatic UV-Curable Hard Coating Technology with Clevios™. Engineered for superior ESD protection, this solution offers heightened conductivity, ensuring your devices are safeguarded from electrostatic interference. Discovered enhanced durability and sustained performance for electronics that demand the ultimate defense.

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection is crucial in electronics to prevent damage to sensitive components caused by sudden electrical surges. These surges can degrade device performance, shorten lifespans, or cause immediate failure. Implementing ESD safeguards maintains product reliability, ensures user safety, and minimizes device malfunctions.

Functional hard coat films are designed with antistatic properties which reduce the surface's tendency to attract and hold dust particles. The antistatic characteristic is typically achieved by incorporating conductive materials into the coating, which dissipate static electricity that would otherwise draw in and trap dust on the film's surface. By preventing the accumulation of dust, the hard coat maintains clarity and cleanliness, an essential feature for optical applications and environments where dust can compromise functionality.

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Product Description
Sheet Resistance Range
Printing or Coating Method
Clevios™ P SB6PEDOT-complex, dispersion in a mixture of anisol and butlyacetate, blue liquidDispersion> 10E6 Ohm/sqnullAntistatic/ESD , Antistatic Coated Films, Antistatic Hardcoats, Antistatic Adhesives